About love & bisous.png

They say life is all about timing. Since childhood, I’ve had a mild obsession with pretty things and always wanted to be my own boss. I was also craving a change of scenery from my 9 to 5 job. I wanted to create and bring some of my inspirations floating around in my head to life. It was my love of gift giving to my favorite people.

So, I researched and handpicked a selection of old with new artisanal goods, and put them together in a wooden gift box. A modern twist on tradition. I kind of ended up combining many of my loves into one profession: photography, food, pretty florals, stationery, French inspired, and snail mail. It’s the personal thought that makes a gift really special.

Each gift box I curate for my clients are always brimming with loveliness. From brightly colored florals, bottle of bubbly, crafty goodness, absolute deliciousness, to organic elements… the list is endless! Life is too short for boring gifts!

p.s. “Bisous” is French for kisses.


Nothing makes me happier than… 

My main squeeze (my hubby), photographing because I love the experience, my two furry Chihuahuas, being born and raised in Montreal, having cultural parents from Italy and Trinidad, a little love through snail mail, the experience of reading an actual book, beautiful florals, a delicious charcuterie and cheese spread, laughter, shopping and scoring some unique finds, pretty packaging, living in Fort Lauderdale, celebrating life and those close to me who put the color in it.